About Us

We’re on a mission to provide best-in-class maintenance and construction services to America’s heavy industrial and manufacturing markets

Plant Services Group

PSG has grown across multiple trades, becoming a full-service partner.

Plant Services Group (PSG) began as a group of 100+ highly skilled craftsman, who were part of a maintenance and construction division of a major corporation. The division was in the process of being dismantled, and a new opportunity arose, to pull together this group of talented individuals for a new venture, thus creating PSG

Since then, PSG has grown to across multiple trades, becoming a full-service partner. Coming from large corporations themselves, the leaders of PSG have evolved this company into a leading maintenance and construction organization. We have a full understanding of the frustrations that can come with a third-party contractor. Our leadership, project managers, and supervisors strive to partner with our clients to alleviate those struggles and keep the focus on safety and quality of work.


The personal health and safety of each employee of Plant Services Group is of upmost importance.


Our goal is to continuously provide a program that reduces risk and results in zero accidents and injuries.

We strive to constantly be aware of conditions at all work sites to prevent illness and injury; no employee is required to work at a site they know is not safe or healthful. To the greatest degree possible, management provides all mechanical and physical activities required for personal safety, in keeping up with the highest of industry standards.

Core Values


We expect to be your best service provider and exceed your expectations. No matter what. Integrity and responsibility define who we are. We strive to provide educated, timely, and cost-effective solutions. At the end of the day, our team takes pride in the fact the work is done right.


Communication is key. We embrace our responsibility to create a safe environment for ourselves and those around us. Safety is our highest priority. Our goal is to send everyone home, injury-free, to their loved ones after each shift.


We stick to our goals as a team, despite setbacks. In fact, we embrace challenges and come out on top. We stand together with unyielding courage and strive for only the best. We deliver results. Period.


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